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I left this blank for quite a while because I wanted to write something so awe-inspiringly awesome that people would bookmark this page.  Then I figured, if I did that, then this page would remain blank forever. So I decided to just write something.


I just realized that I don't really know what to write.


I think I'll just do this interview style.

So, "Who is the Cat?"  

Well, you guessed it.  Its me.  I'm the Cat.  Well, not an actual cat obviously because otherwise I'd be making a lot more money appearing on TV as the first blogging cat and I'm not rich by any stretch. Also, my real name isn't Cat, or Cathy, or Catherine or any derivative there of.  In fact, there isn't even anything cat related in my real name at all.  It just so happened that I chose 'katnaper' as my online name once long ago when the Internet was new.  Please don't ask me why.  I already forgot.  I think maybe, it has something to do with age. That or short term memory loss.  All I know is I like cats and I like taking catnaps.  So maybe that was why?  Or maybe I wanted a cat so much I wanted to cat-nap one?  Like I said, my memory is blurry on that one. Maybe I should have just chosen a different name like maybe relating to elephants that way I wouldn't forget. Too late though.  The name's stuck.  Besides I can't draw elephants. Next question please.

So, what does the Cat do?

Who me?  Oh.  I don't do much really.  I'm rather lazy as you can see with how 'often' I blog.  in reality though, I'm a working Mom of two kids, dubbed 'Kiddo' and 'Kidlet' respectively.  See, even my naming sense is lazy.  Anyway, they're my two babies.  Both girls with boy nicknames.  Someday, I'll post a picture of them together here.

Oh yeah,  I'm also a nurse.  Yeah.  My poor kids.  Having a mother in the medical profession is tough. We're not the most sympathetic lot you know, Florence Nightingale regardless.  You have to actually be bleeding copious amounts of blood before its considered an emergency in my house.  That or I freak out with worry because I get an attack of hypochondria since 'I know' what it might just turn out to be. Bleeding I can handle.  Everything else, I go crazy.

What else do I do?

I craft.  I sew. I bake.  I cook.  I make bento.  I take pictures. Mostly of my Kidlet or the stuff I make, cook, bake. Occassionally (usually) its of my dolls.  Did I mention I collect dolls?  Yes.  Anime style Dollfie Dream dolls and Resin Ball-jointed dolls.  They're my muse(s) and help inspire me to learn to take pictures and write stories.  They also feed the otaku in me. You heard that right.  I'm one of those.  My husband is another. He collects and builds model robots.  I collect dolls, anime figures and manga. We're both anime fans and dream of one day going to Japan and just splurging on Gunpla and Dollfies.  We're taking the kiddies when we do because Kiddo is growing to be just like us and Kidlet too probably.  Maybe its genetic?

I think that's all I can say about myself so far.  If you're one of those who read this far.  Thank you.  I hope I didn't bore you to tears.  If I did, well at least its over now, right?

What?  You expected me to apologize?


Sorry. But I won't.

I'm a Cat you see and we're never sorry.

Well, unless maybe you're bleeding copious amounts of blood in which case I'd say dial 911.

Otherwise, no.

Peace! :)


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