For A Few Nendos More...

I finally managed to unbox and take photos of some new figures that came in the mail.  As usual, I haven't really had that much time to do anything being busy with work (yes, I am back to working shifts) a new baby and a school age kid, plus the myriad of other things that manage to take up my time.  Oh and did I forget to add that I'm also trying to fit in a daily workout since I need to exercise so my blood pressure doesn't go up and kill me?  Yeah... Life is good.

First up is Nendoroid Rin Tohsaka.  I decided to post her with her glasses on since I think it makes her so darned cute.  And, no, my wearing glasses in real life has nothing to do whatsoever with my decision to pose Rin this way *grins*.

If there was one character I really liked in the whole Fate series (aside from Saber Lily, that is), it would have to be Gilgamesh.  Gil, as I like to call him, is just the right amount of annoying jerk that you just gotta love his self-centered, narcissistic persona.

Doesn't he look adorable?


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