Cake Files: A Very Flowery Wedding Cake

Peony covered cake - Lemon cake with SMB and lemon curd filling, covered in fondant, edible lace and edible flowers.

A co-worker had asked me to make her wedding cake for her and she had given me a general design on what she wanted which was namely lace and lots of flowers.  She was especially fond of peonies so she asked if I could make big ones for her cake.  

Only the top tier of this cake was the actual cake, the bottom two were dummies covered in fondant.  I had never really created peonies before or did much in terms of flowers and I had never done edible lace before so this cake was quite the challenge.  It took me the better part of two weeks just to create the peonies and a few days to do the lace since I had to practice (and fail) making them.  Let me just say that its not as easy as it looks and I am so happy the cake was white because it didn't show too much that the lace I made wasn't as good as the ones they do in those demo videos.

I had decided to place a few small random flowers all over just to help cover any dents I had in the fondant and I'm thankful the bottom tiers were dummies so I had no problems attaching the rather heavy flowers onto the cake.  I basically had to stick the wires into the dummy.  For the cake itself though, I used a small food safe 'holder' where I put the floral wires in so that they did not touch the cake.  

Here is another view of the flowers from the side.  If I had to re do this cake, I would have put on more flowers to fill the spaces but I had extras of the big ones so I just placed them there as the cake looked like it needed extra foliage. If you look at the photo above and the next one after this though, you can see that its not quite noticeable when viewed from the front.

I really loved how this cake turned out and how the lace tied it all together.  I already had an inquiry from another co worker who is getting married next year asking me if I could make one for her.  I haven't said yes yet since I already have one booked for May that I promised a friend I would make as soon as she got engaged, which she promptly did.  It would be a leopard/ zebra themed one and I'm quite hyped up to make it.


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