A Cat Dream

I woke up one day
And I was a Cat
I had fur on my face
And some down my back

I tried to stand up
As I usually do
Sadly I realised
I had four feet not two

So I sat down and pondered
When lo, and behold,
Something poked out down under
A tail so long and so bold!

Too late I had I realised
That the tail was my own
Together with the whiskers
It appears I had grown

I opened my mouth
And out rolled a pink tongue
Running out through my teeth
I swore I had fangs!

I could not believe it
It could not be true
I put my head in my hands
But found paws there too!

And so it had happened
My one greatest fear
Pointed ears on my head
And a tail on my rear!

Still my worries I stifled
And with one lordly meow
I jumped down the cupboard
Thankful I wasn't a cow


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