The Hunt Is Over!

After almost a week of staying up till 4AM (and sleeping in till noon - Big thanks to my Hubs) I finally finished the cake that a co-worker ordered for her niece.  They originally wanted a cake similar to this:

since her niece was into deer hunting and her colors were a lovely purple and silver camouflage.  I asked if they wanted a more feminine looking cake and suggested that the inside be camo since I wasn't sure if I could do the fondant in camo.  Fortunately they agreed and we kept the "Hunt is Over" theme for the topper. The idea for the topper was from a clay sculpture I saw while searching for Hunting toppers (sorry but I can't remember where I got it from) and from the book Animation in Sugar by Carlos Lischetti.  

I added a deer and the rifle and tied up the groom. If you ask me though, he looks happy to have been caught.  Its all edible except for the ribbons and skewers I used for the figures.  It was initially just meant to be a plain purple cake with a large silver and purple ribbon but I didn't have enough time to purchase the ribbons so I foolishly decided to airbrush some white fondant with silver.  The result was, according to my husband, not bad but to me however being the crazy person that I am it was a disaster.

It was 2AM and my kitchen was a mess.  

Now I'm one of those people who can't quite function well if I'm surrounded by messes and my kitchen after I've been working on a cake is usually a disaster area and I often take a break in between just to clean or otherwise I can't think straight.  A messy kitchen plus a perceived cake disaster equals one very stressed crazy person.  My husband who was still awake decided to help me clean up by vacuuming the kitchen floor. He was the one who looked at the cake and said it was fine. Of course I wasn't listening but I appreciated the encouragement.  I thanked him and told him I still had to do something about it and that he didn't need to stay up with me so off he to bed he went after telling me not to get some sleep if I can.  I finished tidying up and restarted on the cake and I didn't finish until about 4AM and went to bed at 4:30 after I cleaned up again.  I had made a few more flowers and let them dry. I set my alarm to wake me up at 9:30 so I could put the finishing touches on the cake and take some pictures.

Here are some other photos I took.

These are my first tries at using the peony cutter a friend had bought for her wedding cake which I am making in July.  I figured this would be good practice for me.  Still really need to work on the airbrushing and shaping the peonies.  I need a bigger container than an egg carton to dry the flowers in.

 Here is another photo of the topper.

The cake itself is two different flavors. The bottom tier is butter sponge cake from the book I mentioned. I added some chocolate ganache filling and covered it with Swiss meringue buttercream prior to putting on the fondant.  The top tier is vanilla flavored white cake with the same filling. 

I'm just happy I finished this cake and the bride was happy.

Happy Baking!


  1. This looks fantastic! #SilentSunday

    1. Thank you. The bride to be loved how it turned out so I was happy