Purse Cake

Can I say that I love this cake?  This was my first ever purse cake that I made for a co-worker. She is both a shoe and a purse fanatic so what better theme for a cake, right?

The cake is chocolate with mocha cream cheese filling, covered with buttercream and then fondant and air brushed.  The shoe is gumpaste molded into shape based on my own sandal.  Its quite small because I have tiny size 5 feet which is a good thing because otherwise the purse would have looked really small.

Here is a view of the side.  I molded the buckles from fondant and run a decorating tool that made it appear as if there was stitching on the 'leather'.

Here is the back.  Initially the cake was supposed to be black with white piping but I couldn't quite manage that so I just made it all dark brown.  I achieved the leather like effect by mixing equal parts brown and red edible airbrush color and for some reason it came out nice and glossy.


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