New Look for the Den

After much tweaking, I finally came up with a look that I like for my blog.  Mind you, I'll probably change my mind again after a while, but for now I'm sticking with this one.  If you go to the bottom of the blog you'll see that I am using the Galaunes Template by Iksandi Lojaya whose minimalistic style appealed to me.  I love how the home page is a dynamic view showing of photos found on the blog.

To say that working with the code danged near drove me insane is putting it lightly.  I haven't worked with html in forever and when I did those ages long past, I wasn't any good so this was quite the challenge.  I know there is probably an easier way that I could have done this but its too late now, I already went through the headache of doing it the long way around.  In the future I will do it differently since I need to design a header that I like, the cat above being an inkling of a suggestion of an idea I have for the logo but for now having worked it out in my own roundabout way, I'm sticking with this look for now.

Besides, its 2AM and I'm sleepy.


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