52 Weeks of Dolls (Week Eight)

Thought I'd feature Suki this time.

And I thought I'd sneak in a shot of baby and dollieh together.

And Suki thought she'd do a selfie.


  1. Suki is gorgeous! Definitely one of the prettiest DDs out there. Also, I'm so glad to be seeing your daughter interacting with the dolls. She is so cute. Also, DDs and babies are a combination that you just don't see too often. Once she starts getting grabby, she absolutely needs a baby doll of her own. You can never start the love of dolls too early.

    I love her exression in the last pic, here. It's like "Mom, what are you doing? This is getting ridiculous."

    1. Haha. Thanks Craig. Yeah she's gonna need her own someday. I'm kinda hoping she likes dolls. My older one is more into megablocks, legos and games. I have a Barbie and Lala Loopsy dolls sitting in a toy box that I'm going to give to my niece so they have someone who appreciates them.