Bento #18: Princess Pinky

I haven't been feeling  myself lately, mostly because I've been so stressed out with having to do our taxes and file for citizenship and then get my parents to come over and live with us so I'd have someone come watch the kids so hubby doesn't have to quit his job.  Frankly, I've been a wreck and not fit to talk to during the weekend because of all this.  Add to that a baby who won't drink her formula unless Mommy gives it and well, you see the disaster that could turn into.

Tired, tired, tired.  So tired I didn't get to do a nice bento for the Kiddo and I even missed the linky party for the Silent Sunday post. Boo. I still feel tired today but I decided to make a proper bento for Kiddo to make up for being a cranky Mommy.  I made her an onigiri princess with lovely curly pink hair made out of tamagoyaki that I added pink gel color to.  I also added some mixed veggies for her side dish. The Princess has a carrot crown and peas for earrings.

In this lunch:

  • Onigiri rice
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Mixed vegetables


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