My Little Pony Cake

A co-worker asked if I could do a cake for her because the original person who was supposed to do her daughter's cake had to bail out last minute.  I had to seriously think about it since she didn't give I didn't have that much time to work on it about 3 to 4 days and I had to get supplies because I did not have any fondant left.  I also never made ponies before (these ones could use a LOT of improvement) and well, there's the baby so I could only work at night when the kiddies were asleep.  Hmmm... Anyway, I still did it because, well, I didn't have the heart to say no to a kid whose heart was set on an MLP cake.

Her Mom gave me a design for the cake that she online. The original idea was from Sugar Tart Craft's MLP cake.  My co-worker was going to provide the ponies but I thought I'd surprise her by having a go at them. The ponies' design was from a cake by Marzia Caruso whose artistry I can only dream of getting close to.  I need to work with more figures before I can even come close, like waaaayyyy more figures (maybe not even then).  But, hey, the little girl in question was happy with my efforts so I guess that's fine.

Here is the final version after I finished icing the base with royal icing.

This is what it looked like before i finished the base.  I hot glued the plastic container to the board, wrapped it in cling wrap then put the royal icing cloud on.  In retrospect I should have put on the royal icing on the base, waited for it to dry THEN applied another layer on top instead of flopping it all on so that it couldn't hold its own weight.  Good thing I made lots.

Here's my Rainbow Dash wannabe.

Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie imitations...

I learned some valuable lessons when I made this cake, namely that fluffy white icing is delicious and I am going to be using it in almost all of my future cupcakes (after I throw out the bathroom scale). *grin*