Kiddo's Artwork

Kiddo brought home some artwork - one she did for her journal and the other she drew on the back of her spelling test and I scanned it to keep an electronic file that I will eventually put into a photo album.  I'm starting to do this with most of her art and stories and my plan is to create an online album that I will eventually print out so I can at least minimize the huge amount of paper keeping each and every bit of art will take.  Think of it as my own way of contributing to the 40 bags in 40 days challenge.

I'd put them in a scrapbook but there's quite a bit so I'm picking and choosing what I can.  

She came up with a design for birthday cake.  I think I mentioned somewhere that she's been watching Pokemon episodes on Netflix so she wants a Pokemon cake.  We did discuss that we have to tweak her design because three tiers of cake might be too much.  I'm going to try to see what she'll say to a small cake and cupcakes with individual Pokemon on it instead. Sculpting each piece is going to take quite a bit of time.


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