Bento #23: Gotta Catch Them All!

Don't you just love Netflix?  I do. Its pretty much the only thing we have on our TV since we discontinued Cable.  Yep, you got that right. no Cable TV in our house.  In fact not even the basic channels.  It was too expensive to keep when we never really watch TV anyway.  Well, except for the Kiddo who only watched cartoons and kept replaying the same episodes over and over and over and over... you get what I mean?  So, we decided to be one of those so called 'cord cutters' and discontinued our CATV subscription, bought ourselves one of those, I call 'em, 'TV boxes' (we have the Roku box) and set up Netflix on there and viola! cut my TV/Phone bill in half (they came in a package).  The box more than paid for itself several times over so that was what I call a good investment and Kiddo can replay her cartoons as much as she wants. Which brings me to her ... tadaa! Pokemon Bento!

Okay, so that was a long winded intro into something which seems so totally disconnected to anything. Hahaha. I've always been somewhat long winded but there is a connection.  Netflix features the Pokemon shows which Kiddo and I have just recently discovered.  She used to watch Digimon and I was going crazy seeing her watch the same episodes again and again so I searched what other anime were on Netflix that she could watch and I found 2 Pokemon movies and Pokemon Black and White and the one she's watching now which is Pokemon Indigo. We are now both hooked on that show and that was where I got the inspiration for a Pikachu egg.  Only she thought it was Raichu since I made the egg too orange.  Oh well, a Pokemon is a Pokemon, right?

Look! What's hiding in the grass?!

I dyed a hardboiled egg by boiling some water with vinegar and yellow gel food color and setting the peeled egg in that solution until I got the color I wanted which in this case didn't happen as I left in there too long. You can see the shapes I cut out off nori seaweed to make its features. Those dots on the eyes are made of cheese that I cut out using an icing tip.

Here's what he looked like after I put the nori on the egg. I even used Kiddo's Pikachu bag for reference.  I colored the cheeks with a tiny amount of red gel food color.

In this lunch:
  • Choco-marble bread with Wow butter
  • Celery and carrot skewers
  • Broccoli 'bushes'
  • Cheese flower cut-outs
  • Pokemon hard boiled egg


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