Bento #22: Rilakkuma 2.0

Remember my little old Rilakkuma bread from bento#20?  I had decided to try and have another go at making it but using a different recipe.  I found a great recipe from Hungry At Midnight's site for Rilakkuma Custard Buns that I thought I'd have a go at. It was quite a bit of work to do but so worth the effort.  I don't think I've ever had bread this soft and fluffy before.  The tangzhong method of making bread is something I will definitely keep using.  I actually made two kinds of these Rilakkuma buns - ones with custard filling and ones with SPAM and cheese.  Both were heavenly. The SPAM and cheese ones are almost gone though because I kept eating them... Diet? What diet? Its comfort food! Comfort food I tell you!

I packed a custard bun for the Kiddo and steamed some broccoli and skewered some carrots for veggies. Hubby made some hard boiled eggs for his salad so I appropriated one of them and made a little Hello Kitty shape.  In hindsight, I should have made Kiiroitori - that little yellow bird who lives in Rilakkuma's house - instead but I already made Hello Kitty so I stuck with her.

I also packed some oatmeal raisin choco chip cookies  for Kiddo and this time I sent her with two.  I added some tags to remind her to share a cookie with a friend.  Not that she needs reminding but I thought the tags would be a cute addition to the rather plain plastic packaging.  I'm so not obsessed with presentation, eh?


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