Bento #21: Totoro Bento

I didn't plan on making a Totoro bento but I had some left over SPAM from when I made a SPAM and cheese Rilakkuma bread so I figured to use it in Kiddo's bento.  I made the details from nori seaweed and used cheese for the eyes and mouth.  The flowers are also made of cheese.  I packed some mixed veggies and the leftover cheese that I cut up to look like tiny fries to complete her lunch.

Funny fact is that I've never seen the anime so have no idea what kind of creature Totoro is.  I just Googled SPAM bentos and he came up.  I need to add that show on my list since I hear its a good one.  I'm not going to look it up on Wikipedia because otherwise it would spoil the story if I find out what happened.  I've ruined many a good anime that way.

On a side note, I decided to write a little something about Kiddo's day at school.  I usually ask her how school was when she comes home and she tells me about her day.  I know yesterday, she told me about losing a tooth in school and how her teacher gave her a little ziplock bag because she insisted she needed to keep the tooth for the Tooth Fairy.  She wanted to find out for herself if the Tooth Fairy was real or not even though her Dad and I explained that TF is a fictional character only. She knew I was the one who put money under her pillow after the first couple of teeth - her Dad and I decided to let her know the truth. Still I guess she still wanted to try to find it out for herself. Kiddo filled a glass half full of water and put her tooth in it with the theory that if TF was real, the water will have glitter dust from her fairy wings when she retrieves the tooth.  I was specifically instructed to not put any money under her pillow so she finds out things for herself. Can I say, I'm proud of my little girl or what? Tee hee. 

To make a long story short, she found out that the Tooth Fairy is indeed fictional and that she's a little sad about that but she tells me, "It's okay. I guess she can be real in my imagination." Hmmm... Kids are so resilient.  

In this lunch:
  • SPAM
  • Cheese
  • Rice
  • Mixed Veggies and celery sticks


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