Bento #20: Rilakkuma?

So I tried my hand at baking Rilakkuma bread using a milk bread recipe I found off a Japanese cooking site. I thought my grasp of bread making was reliable enough to be able to work out the recipe since the ingredients were pretty basic and well... I was wrong!

Most of them turned out flat instead of fluffy and I think my oven is too hot since most of the bottom was burned.  Like I tweeted, the bear looked like roadkill hu hu hu.  Now, I hate wasting things so I tried to salvage what I could.  The Kiddo's lunch shows the part I salvaged.  I cut off the burned bottom parts and used the tops to make a Wow Butter sandwich.  I used melted chocolate to create the bear's face and used food picks to create the 'ribbon' because she's a girl bear.  I also packed Kiddo a cookie, sausages and mixed veggies and cheese.  Kiddo said she liked the bear so much she wanted me to make some more.  I'll post Rilakkuma v.2 next time.

In this lunch:
  • Milk bread with Wow Butter filling
  • Laughing cow cheese
  • Mixed veggies
  • Sausages
  • oatmeal raisin cookie


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