40 Bags in 40 Days (Kid's Room)

I was finally able to tackle the Kiddo's room and sort out her indoor and outdoor clothes as well as her school outfits.  I went through old pajamas that I'm re purposing into rags as they are too far gone to be donated or saved.  I also chose some clothes to save for Kidlet and decided to use the two week rule - which is to save just enough clothes for two weeks, anything extra either goes into a garage sale or donated. This made me realize that my kids have way too many clothes than they actually use so I actually managed to get one bag of clothes that is going to donation and a small number of clothes that I will try to sell in a garage sale as they haven't been worn very much but will most likely be out of fashion by the time Kidlet can wear them.

I still need to dig out one of those 'vacuum' bags so I can store Kidlet's clothes with the rest of her sister's clothes that I decided to save for her.  For now, I'm keeping them in her big sis' closet.  Now to tackle OUR closet...


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