40 Bags in 40 Days (Day 8 and 9)

We've been down with a cold since Saturday and its wrecked havoc with my 40 bags schedule, huhuhu. I've also been busy with the My Little Pony cake for a co-worker so that pushed this back further and since I've only just recovered from my cold (after mega-doses of vitamin C and lots of water), I've been taking it easy and had only managed to go through some old magazines in the house.  I've taken out the recipes i wanted and will stick them in my recipe folder for now but the magazines themselves have gone to recycling.  I still have Hub's model making magazines but he needs to be the one to go through that one lest I inadvertently recycle something he still needs.

On the plus side though I did manage to clean out one more kitchen cabinet and re-organize it.  There is an extremely old deep fryer that is now going to the garage sale stack in the garage as well as an old coffee maker.  I now have space to put my baking tool box where I keep my piping tips and other sundry items in. Yay! Here's the before and after.

I'll likely go back to tackling our book collection tomorrow since that shouldn't be that hard to go through since most of my books now are digital, except for my visual novels, manga collection and my Archie/Jughead comics. Those I'm keeping. Period. I'll also try going through our closets if I can since I do have a mass of laundry needing to be folded anyway.  Might as well go do that and remove stuff we no longer use.


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