40 Bags in 40 Days (Day 3 to 7???)

So I haven't updated in a while but I haven't been slacking I just haven't been able to take time to upload new photos because I've been baking like crazy.  Also, I haven't been able to tackle the heavy duty organizing projects like our bedroom closets and the Kiddo's closet or the basement because Hubs has been putting in overtime and Kidlet refuses to nod off long enough for me to start.  I know, it sounds like an excuse but I really need the Hubs home because once I start on the closets that will take me all day with everything ending up on the floor to be sorted out.  I'll end up stressing if I'm not able to put it all back and the room is messy.

On the bright side though, I've re-organized the pantry, the cabinets where I store my bake ware and pans, as well as the kitchen cabinet where we store dishes and all other stuff I use to bake or make bentos for Kiddo.  As such, I have accumulated about 3 bags of stuff to sell at a garage sale in the summer as well as put probably 4 empty boxes into the recycling.  Why I kept the boxes, I don't remember.  Its probably from when we first bought stuff and kept the boxes just in case we'd have to return them or have the items repaired. Most of the items going into the garage sale is bakeware.  I have way too many baking trays that I never use or used only once or twice.  I just can't resist a sale when I see one.  I did list them online in a usedeverywhere site to see if I can sell them before summer.  If they don't then they go into the garage sale and  if that doesn't work then they will go to donations. Why not straight to donations? Well, Kiddo and I agreed that we needed to save up now if we wanted to go to Disneyland someday so the money we end up making from sales is going to the Disney fund because by golly! we WILL go there someday.  (I wanted the Japan fund because the otaku in me just screams I wanna go to Japan the Anime Mecca but I was over ruled even though I argued there is a Disney world in Japan as well.  Someday when I win the lottery perhaps...).  For now I leave this post with a before picture of what the kitchen cabinet looked like before I re-organized it.  I hope no one gets nightmares...


I now have an 'after' picture of the above nightmare. It looks so much better and I have a bag full of baking trays and other baking stuff that is going to go up for sale like I mentioned previously.

And this is the before and after of the pantry.  I had to put the stuff for the garage sale there for now until the snow thaws enough so I can put it up in the garage.  Speaking of which, I have to reorganize that too.

I don't have a before picture of what the kitchen cabinet looks like but this is how they look now. I actually have more cups but they were in the sink waiting to be washed when I took this picture. I haven't felt the need to use a dishwasher since forever.  I mean, it would be a waste when you just need to wash a few dishes so I wash them in the sink. The second cabinet shows how I organized my baking supplies.  The bottom cabinet is where I store my bento stuff so I can reach it easily without having to get a step stool.  Its a small world after all... *grin* Its also where I store our lunch trays/boxes for the bento.

And this is what some of the bento supply baskets look like.  I organized my food picks and small cookie cutters in this Dollar store organizer.  I'm going to need another one since I have more I need to put away. I re-purposed my fondant flower cutters into bento cutters since I rarely do fondant cakes anymore.

Nori cutters, ham and cheese cutters, paper and silicone baking cups go here with my old fondant tools.

And these are assorted cookie/fondant cutters.

I have other stuff that I'm still trying to figure out where to put. I still have to organize the other kitchen cabinets where I store small appliances so once I do that I'll have a spot for other stuff.  I'm seeing more garage sale stuff in the future.


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