40 Bags in 40 Days (Day 1)

A friend of mine shared this challenge on Facebook
and it turns out this was just the motivation I needed to get back into re-organizing my house.  I've been slacking off and using the baby as an excuse to let the 'junk' accumulate.  Now I know that if there's any excuse that's valid, a new baby is one of them and she's more important than a little mess but still, I should de-clutter when I can right? And its easy.  Anne Marie at White House, Black Shutters who posted the challenge actually tells you not to focus on the bags themselves but to "focus on getting all the unnecessary stuff out in just one spot per day". JUST. ONE. SPOT. PER. DAY.  She even advised that you shouldn't stress yourself out if you miss a day, the goal is to de-clutter as much as you can.  And that's what I'll do since I know I might not be able to do this daily.  But I'll do what I can.

Day 1.  The Bathroom

I figured this was the easiest for me but it still took me the better part of four hours to finish because I had to have breaks for when the little one was calling for me.  Lately, she's been in the mood to talk and even though her big sister is willing to do this for a little while, she still ends up crying for Mommy to come talk to her. And play. And even sing. Or do silly dances.  I guess I'm good entertainment since my little babe giggles no end when I do. Good thing I can't see myself, or I'd probably be laughing too.  As it is big sis already tells me Mommy is so silly.

So here's the bathroom cabinets.  I actually have these dollar store trays where I organize the contents in, like hair, nails, perfumes, first aid, baby, dental hygiene, make up. It's been mixed up lately so I re-organized it and threw out the expired stuff and I was finally able to put the towels back in. I also took out all the unused hair appliance (i.e,. curlers, hair dryer, etc) I had sitting on the green containers on the top of the cabinet.  They're now in a bag that's going to the basement for storage for a future garage sale in the summer.

This is the cabinet under the sink where I usually stash the cleaning supplies and other stuff.  After re-organizing it, I can now see what I'm getting short on.

I forgot to take a before picture of the bath but here's a photo after I removed all the empty shampoo bottles and I scrubbed out the tub.

I feel somewhat accomplished after that.  I hope I'll be able to continue this even if just little bits.  


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