40 Bags in 40 Days (THE Closet)

So I decided to continue my whole organizing kick yesterday by tackling the bedroom closet.  I did Kiddo's in the morning and since I was on a roll, figured I'd continue my streak.  That just about did me in.  I don't know what I would have done if Kiddo wasn't around to watch her baby sister since re-organizing our closet took me hours.  I felt very accomplished afterwards but still... never have I felt so tired.  Well, okay maybe that's an exaggeration, but lets just say I was so happy to just sit down afterwards.

This is what the before and after looks like.  Kidlet's clothes drawer was originally out by our bed and since I managed to make room in our closet, I was able to put it in where its not in the way.  I'm really so happy that our closet now looks like a closet instead of a mysterious cave of the dangerous and unknown. At least now, I can see where everything is instead of having to dig through stuff whilst risking some random piece of clothing or something rendering you unconscious because it fell on your head.  Yay.

I was also able to fill two big black bags of clothes to donate.  Mostly, Hub's old t-shirts and jeans that he hasn't worn in ages, scrubs I will never wear again, pants that will never fit ever even if I diet and exercise like mad which I don't. I also filled a bag of old clothes that I'm repurposing into rags since they are too ratty to even be considered for donation.  And those boxes you see on the corner are shoes I've never really worn because 1).  I can't wear 3 in heels anymore (It hurts) 2).  They don't fit (my feet grew bigger) 3).  I just haven't had any occasion to wear them. Those shoes are going to my garage sale pile and if they don't get sold, its off to be donated.

The next stop in this 40 days challenge will be my office/craft room.  Now, that is something I'm sort of dreading since it involves lots of things I'm likely going to have a hard time letting go of since I think I'll need it later. Oh well.


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