Bento #6: See Three P.O.?

The Kiddo loves pancakes. In fact, if she can have it breakfast, lunch and supper, she will. But of course we can't have that, so she only gets it for breakfast and the occasional snack.  Now, I've tried various ways of serving it.  I did cookie cutter cut outs, then I realized I could grease those same cutters and thus save myself from having to eat all the left over cut-offs, then I graduated to those silicone egg molds.  I also tried the Japanese version of cooking them in the microwave to make those fake mini-waffles.  I've done crepe style desserts, steam cake style, and so on. I've done everything I could think of to make it different EXCEPT for making pancake art with it, that is until I came across Jenni Price's Pancake Art Tutorial while I was looking for pancake recipes and of some other ways of serving pancakes.  I have to say, I am in awe of Jenni's talent.  Her pancake art making skills are simply out of this world and her creative use of colors is just to die for.  One would almost not want to eat her pancakes and just preserve them and frame them so one can admire them all the time.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I just had to try my hand at making them, especially since the Kiddo had requested if she can have a pancake lunch. Fortunately, I had all the supplies at hand.  I used the gel food colors I use for my cakes to help color the pancakes.  I had to use disposable icing bags though instead of the condiment squirt bottles Jenni recommended because that was the only thing I had on hand.  The only thing I can say about using them is I REALLY need to get some squirt bottles. LOL.  I also need to adjust the consistency of the batter in the future since mine was a little runny so the outlines tended to be sloppy, but hey, half the fun is in learning to do something right?  I asked the Kiddo if it was okay to make little robot pancakes and she okayed it as long as I made cute ones.  Hmmm... that was a tough one but I was eventually able to find a simple but cute design she liked.  Talk about a tough audience. This was the result of my first attempt at pancake art.

I made three robots from colored pancake batter.  I also packed a little bit of syrup is in the little grape container, frozen grapes, cheese and some butterscotch pudding which I put in one of the compartments of her lunch tray.  It has a no-leak cover to keep it from leaking onto the rest of her lunch.  My mini-bots originally had antenna but I had to break them off so they would fit.  You can definitely be sure that I'm going to try my had at some more pancake art soon as I find myself a couple of squirt bottles.

If you're interested to see and learn more about pancake art, please visit Jenni's website at .


  1. I started off the same way with a snipped bag for pancake art too before going to the squirt bottles...I think yours looks awesome! They are really cute robots! Great job :)

    1. Thank you for coming by to visit. I seriously didn't even think one can serve pancakes this way until I saw your tutorials so I'm really grateful for that.