Bento #13: Queen of Hearts

After a couple of crazy days, I finally regained enough energy to take a photo of a bento I made for the Kiddo.  Not that I didn't make her any but I just wasn't into it.  Lack of sleep and worrying does that to a person.  Thankfully, both the Hubs and I were able to get our forty winks and 'recover' - not 100% but at least 80 to 90. LOL.  So I made a bento AND took a photo of it, finally.  I also used the new container my best friend gave my Kiddo as a gift.

Look at the cute orange doggy.  Its quite roomy as you can see above.

In this Lunch:

  • Queen of Hearts cheese sandwich
  • Cinnamon roll ups
  • Heart shaped apple (dipped in a bit of lemon to keep it from browning)
  • 2 pcs of marshmallows as a treat


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