D.I.Y. : Make Your Own Microwave Popcorn


The Kiddo loves popcorn but buying the pre-packed ones can get a little pricey and there's also the issue of what chemicals they use on those bags and even on the popcorn themselves.  And while making popcorn on the stove is easy enough to do, getting out the pots and pans to make some can get to be a bit of a hassle when you're busy with 2 kids, one of them an infant who cries when she loses sight of you. So, I turned to Mr. Google and asked his advise on how to DIY some microwave popcorn and I came upon several suggestions but after researching more about each one, I decided to go with the one using parchment paper. One reason being that, it was what I had in my kitchen but the other more important reason was that I know its 'food grade' paper so its safe to use on something I and the kids will be eating.  Also in an article I found on the net by Susan Selasky of the Detroit Free Press she mentions that the US Department of Food and Agriculture doesn't recommend using brown paper bags to microwave popcorns because it is unknown what most of these bags are made of, especially if they are made from recycled material. So parchment paper it was.

Now all I needed to do was figure out how to turn it into a container to contain the popcorn.

I thought about making little parchment paper bags but I know taping it up was out of the question since I know from experience that the tape won't stick.  I didn't fancy using glue as I wasn't sure it would withstand the heat from the microwave, besides which I didn't want it getting onto the popcorn.  I could have tried making a paste out of cornstarch and use that to paste the bag but I wanted something I could do right away. And I didn't think it would be safe to use staples so I turned back to Mr. Google for more advise and he directed me to Chocolate Mints In a Jar's Origami Microwave Popcorn idea and my problem was solved. I had everything I needed and I knew how to make an origami ball. 

So here' s what you need:

A little less than 1/4 cup popcorn 
1/2 tsp canola oil to coat kernels
Parchment paper

Here's a pictorial reference but since I'm not much for explaining things clearly even with photos, you can check out Origami-Make.com's instructions on how to make an ORIGAMI BALL.

Step 1. Cut out a square piece of parchment
 Step 2. Fold in half diagonally
Step 3. Fold in half again
 Step 4. Open this up and fold in half lengthwise

Step 5. Fold this in half again
Step 6. Open up the square until so it looks like a triangle
Step 7. Repeat on the other side
Step 8. Take one end of the triangle and fold it so that its tip is at the top of the triangle. 
 Step 9. Do the same for the opposite side.
Step 10.  Repeat on opposite side
Step 11. Fold corner of square toward the middle. 
Step 11. Do the same for the opposite side
Step 12. Repeat on the opposite side
Step 11. Take a corner and tuck into triangular fold
Step 12. It will look like this. Repeat on opposite side
Step 13. Tuck this corner inside the triangle
Step 13. You'll end up with something like this
Step 14. Unfold one end
Step 15. Put popcorn in.
Step 16. Refold it so looks like this
Step 17. Pop in microwave and nuke depending on your settings. Mine is 1 min 10 sec
This is what mine looked like after I finished popping. It's Just the right size for Kiddo's snack.
Open it up and empty onto a bowl or eat straight out of the bag.  


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