Happy Valentine's Day?

I woke up late today and found that my husband organized a bit of a 'scavenger hunt' for me. First he told me that it seemed like one of my dolls fell and when I checked I found that they had some cupcakes for me. 

Then I found some chocolates by the sink when I went to wash my face. LOL.

I was laughing so hard when he then mentioned something about someone ringing the doorbell earlier. Now by this time I already had an idea that there were more surprises coming and I was right since I saw a balloon by the dolls on the fireplace which gave me directions to check the coffee table (we have one of those ones with a secret drawer). 

I opened it to find flowers and a "LOVE CARD." 

Am I a lucky gal or what?

By this time I was done I was crying and laughing like a crazy person. I still can't believe how blessed I am to be married to such a sweet, wonderful and funny man. 


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