Bento #15: Blast Off Into Space

Kiddo wanted some rice in her bento so I made a rocket-shaped tuna onigiri.  I was planning on making some tuna croquettes later for supper so I decided to use some of it to flavor her rice.  The pinkish color was done by adding a dash of catsup.  I shaped some carrots into fins for the rocket as well as for the exhaust nozzles, added a bit of steamed cauliflower to give it the appearance of just having blasted off. There's also some celery beneath the cauliflower to hold them up. The broccoli serves as clouds and the stars as well as the window of the rocket is made out of cheese. I put in a little bunny pick to simulate the astronaut. She wanted sausages so we added those and I put frog picks to make them appear like little aliens watching the rocket as it travels in space.

In this lunch:
  • Tuna flavored onigiri
  • Steamed vegetables (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery)
  • Cheese stars
  • Sausages


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