52 Weeks of Dolls (Week Three)

Featuring: Nero (Dollfie Dream Saber Extra)

I decided to do several post processing edits to Nero's photos to see how different each one would look with a different edit.  I have to say I love what a simple edits can do to a photo.

In the first photo, I didn't do anything other than do some noise reduction.

This one used onOne Glow Soft and Muted Preset.

This one, I did Lightroom's Color Preset Aged Photo.

In this one I used Lightroom Color Preset Yesteryear.

In this one I applied an onOne Perfect Preset: Old Style 1.


  1. I love how, just by changing oe of the presets you can get an entirely different mood from the same picture.

    1. I love Lightroomand how it's easy to transform photos.