52 Weeks of Dolls (Week One)

I've been neglecting my girls (and boys) for sometime so I decided I had enough of that and thought other people do a 365 photo a day challenge, why not challenge yourself to a photo a week of your dolls? Hmmm... that shouldn't be too hard, right?  We'll see how long I can keep this up but for now I'm designating Monday as my day to post a doll photo.  I'm not doing any themes for now and I'm designating a minimum of one photo at least that I have to take sometime during the week.  It can focus on one doll or however many I can manage but I have to take at least one and post it on Monday.  Hopefully, I can keep this up.

So here's the first one of my favorite girl Millie.


  1. Awesome idea! Millie looks cute playing around on that soft and fluffy carpet.