Bento #3: Robot Bento: How May I Serve You?

I'm trying to follow some themes in making the Kiddo's lunch, that way, I don't have to keep wracking my brains on what to make.  Good thing I stumbled upon Bento Blog Network so I now have an idea on stuff to make.  Who knows, maybe one day I can get to join one of their theme entries?  Anyway, I decided to do a robot themed bento for the Kiddo today.

Meet Hasha - a girlbot made from the Kiddo's favorite hashbrowns.  I made her limbs from some celery and her hands from cauliflowers. I also gave her a cheese belt and socks and a carrot heart. Her face are cutouts from nori and she's laying on a mixed veggie bed. I had to put the hard boiled egg this came with in another container as I ran out of room.

And here she is all dolled up with stickers by the Kiddo.

So, how may we serve you?


  1. What a creative lunch!! Glad to see you on BBN!

    1. Thank you. I saw your 'Robot hotdog lunch' too and it looked adorable.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog, Kathy.