House of Cards?

One of the things I've been occupying myself with while waiting for baby to come out is making some sort of craft or another.  In the doll forum where I'm part of we have an annual card exchange for the upcoming holidays.  This is my second year and I decided I would be making Christmas cards again like I did last year, only this time I would send one to each participant since, if there was anything I had, it was time.  Also, just like last year, I turned to the Net for inspiration and these are a few of the cards I came up with. I'm trying to recall which sites I got most of the ideas from but I've lost the links since I only downloaded pictures and never pinned them.  Yes, I should know better. Sorry. Of course, they're nowhere as good as the originals since I didn't have the exact stamps and die cuts (heck, I don't even own a die-cutting or embossing machine - just plain old scissors and Exacto knife) but I think most of them turned out pretty decent.  

I used what I had on hand from last year's supply of cardstock.  I had purchased a few stamps from our local Michael's sometime between then and now when they had it on sale and I used those as well as some cardstock they sold in bundles of 50 at half price ($2.50 for 50 pcs, Oh yeah!).  The stickers and ribbons are from our local Dollarstore and my buttons are from Walmart - talk about crafting on a budget, hey?  So far I made 11 cards.  I need 7 more to complete the list plus a couple more for friends and my daughter's teacher.  I don't have photos of how I made each individual card since I'm lousy at taking step by steps.  I do have 7 more cards to go and I might be able to show how I did one. Anyway, here is a breakdown of the materials I used.

Holiday Cards

Cardstock of various weights/colors
Colorful yarn
Glue stick 
Glue Gun
double sided foam tape (to give it a 3D look)
double sided adhesive (optional - I had one on hand)
Seasonal/Alphabet stamps - I use clear stamps
Exacto knife
Ruler (I use my quilting ruler)
Self healing mat (one of those green mats I found at the Dollarstore)
jewel stickers/christmas stickers (from Dollarstore)
Ink pads (I have black, gold, white, brown, red, light & dark blue/green and purple)
pen (black)
colored markers (I have Bic's from Michaels)
make-up sponges ( from Dollarstore to create that 'distressed' look)

 Close on color to the original but added lace since my ribbon was too thick to tie into a bow.

Gift tag card, pretty similar to the original design except for the Holly Jolly sticker.

 The one I used as inspiration had a star on it but I made the mistake of cutting out a hole on the main cardstock so just used 'ornament's instead and added stickers and jewels.

This is one of my favorites and one of the most elaborate ones I made but instead of actual stitching, I opted to just do the stitching in pen.

The inspiration card for this didn't have the 5 layered papers, it just had two and it didn't have the frayed paper look but I did take the idea of the snowman with a scarf.  Love snowmen.

This one is pretty faithful to the original except for the papers used and the detail of the top hat.

 This is my favorite because I love the way the 'distressing' came out.  I added the 'JOY' sticker and put on jewel stickers instead of the ribbon like in the original.

 Based of a card I saw but in the end, it ended up being rather different from the original.

I love this one because its so bright.  

The simplest card to make but one of the cutest.  I used a different type of bird from the original design.

Anyway, those are the ones I made so far.  Will post the others when I can.  I haven't had much experience making cards before but getting started on them was fun.  You don't have to have all of the expensive crafter's stuff to get started too.  If someone like me can do it, I'm sure you could too.


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