Christmas Cards

I finally found the photos of some other cards I made to send to friends and hubby's co-workers.  This time I tried my hand at using digital stamps for some of the cards.  If you're not familiar with digital stamps, they are digital images that you can use in lieu of physical stamps that you use in crafting, scrapbooking or card making.  They're great to use because all you need is a printer and there are a lot of sites that offer free images, just google 'free digital stamps'.

 In this one, I used fonts I had on my computer and simply printed it off a word document.  I had some sparkly gems I bought from the Dollar Store and used it to embellish the card.  I was trying to recreate this from a card I saw on Pinterest somewhere.

 This also features a printed out font instead of a stamp. I just printed it on the red cardstock.  Again, another pinterest-inspired creation. Darn you pinterest! LOL.

Now this is an original card I created, again with fonts printed off the computer.

This is also an original creation.  I gave this one to my half-Japanese Godson and I had to research how to make the paperdoll.


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