Bento #2: Bento House?

I decided to go back to taking photos of the bentos I made the Kiddo and posting them here.  I've had such a crazy, busy time with my pregnancy, I haven't really taken the time to do a proper bento or take photos of the one's I've managed to make.  Mind you, I'm using my phone to take these so the quality is pretty so-so (not that I'm the greatest photographer in the first place).  But, yeah, there is something almost cathartic about preparing these that I really should try to do more of these.

Anyway, here's one I managed to make.  Its a Wow butter and Jam sandwich with a side of veggies. Her snack was comprised of my failed attempt at making 'kawaii' mini-donuts.  I really need one of those pen thingies for better control at making those faces.


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