A Note on Manners

Been a while since I posted anything (hahaha... story of my life) and there's been lots going on, most of it not Dollieh related.  I'm probably going to have to change my blog to focus on different things but that, like all things in my head, remain to be seen (and followed through).  Anyway, decided to post this remake of 25 manners Kids should know list as the previous one from FB.  the format was driving me nuts when I printed it off.  I forget where the article was originally from, otherwise I'd give proper credit.  I know the FB one came from StaceyAltamirano's blog but I had to google the list so I could do the PDF format.

I made this version to print so I can have one I could put in my kiddo's room. She likes reminders and lists or so she says.  Here it it for those who want a copy.

You can click the photo to download the printable PDF file.  I have it uploaded in Scribd.com so you might have to create an account to be able to download and print.


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