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Now this is something totally unrelated to my fandom of choice. I won't talk about dolls and figures but about something I don't often blog about - 'Real Life'. Will this be a violation of some sort of work related code of ethics? I don't know. All I know is that I won't mention names so hopefully that protects me from HIPA.

In short, I am going to VENT about WORK.

I do love my job. Most days, its the only type of thing that actually gets me to interact with other people face to face. In fact, more often than not, my job is so in-your-face that its no wonder I enjoy the five days off that I am not there. To say that I get sick of people would be an understatement, especially lately. Mind you, I'm not perfect so its not like I'm trying to behave like I'm superior to the majority of people especially since I just really hate people who think they're better than anyone else. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of them lately in my life.

Last night one of my colleagues got yelled at by a client's mother - for not getting her able bodied 20 something year old, who-can-go-down-for-a-smoke-and-canoodle-in-the-shower-with-her-boyfriend-daughter, a jug of water. Screamed at, finger to the face, emotionally abused just because she kindly told them where the water dispenser was while she attended another client who actually needed assistance. What in the world?! It was just 20 steps to the dispenser. And the boyfriend was there. If she could go for a smoke on her own two feet, could she not go take those 20 steps? Or ask BF to do it? Thank goodness I wasn't in charge for that night as I would have called security to escort her out of the building for disrupting the peace.  I mean, she was SCREAMING at my colleague on the hallway outside a shared patient room. Seriously.  Our Charge was diplomatic enough to smile through the abuse.

Anyway, going back to the issue at had. I find it laughable that some people think that once they go in the hospital that Nurses should bow to their every whim. "You are a Nurse and you are paid to do whatever your patient asks you to! If she tells you to get her water, you get her water!!!". Seriously? I thought we were there to make sure people who were sick got better. Didn't realize that being the personal maid for 12 hours of an otherwise able bodied individual was part of the job description especially when you have to somehow clone yourself so you can take care of  9 to 11 other people at the same time.  Demanding much?

I could just shake my head as she ranted on about how she was going to the client rep. Just because her daughter and the boyfriend was politely told where the water dispenser was. I won't be surprised if this goes on FB and the nurses on the unit get painted in a horrible light while we, of course, can't even say anything in our defense. And people wonder why we get crotchety at such a young age.  Facebook killed us.

I want a scrub top that says "I am your Nurse, not your Maid" on it. This is a Top that would be specially dedicated to people who seem to lose all function from the neck down once they get admitted in hospital those who suddenly can't get their own water, can't reach for the kleenex that's sitting on the over bed table that's right beside the bed when they can go down for smokes, raid the pantry and inhale all the ice cream in the patient fridge.

Ack!  The HUMANITY!!!!

Sometimes, I just want to scream, "What the heck people?!   Grow up and get your heads out of your behinds.  I've seen more deaths, shared more pain, tears, grief, anger, despondency, fear, and yes, joy than most people have had in their lifetime.  I've gone through more shoes than the average Joe, lifted more weights than a weightlifter, wiped more shit, pee and vomit than a janitor, run more miles than a marathon runner, inserted more IVs than your average junky, seen more 'junk' than a porn star, carried out more orders than a waiter, wrote more words than a novelist, taken care of more people than a grandmother, held more hands than a politician on top of living my own life and taking care of my own family including providing for my parents who are no longer able to work because of their age... is it too much to ask for a little patience on your part?  Because its not always easy hanging on to mine." Some days I just want to scream this at people who think that their needs are more important that the sweet little 95 year old who is struggling to breathe who I'm trying to draw a neb on, or the young woman who is bleeding heavily because she just suffered her nth miscarriage after trying for so long that I'm trying to assist back to bed.  And I'm not just talking about patients.  Half the time its their families too.  If I'm running around and can't answer your call light in 5 mins, don't exaggerate and yell and say that its been 5 hours.  Its probably because I was busy with someone else, its not because I'm ignoring you.  If one of us directs you to where the water dispenser is instead of getting your water for you, its probably because we know you are able to and we want to be sure you retain as much of this ability to function as you could so you can continue to do so when you get home. Sigh.

I realize what I just said probably doesn't make any sense.  In fact, I'm sure this whole thing doesn't really make any sense.  But then again, most rants don't anyway.  I'm just venting because the alternative would be worse. There.

Now I will go enjoy my days off.


  1. I just ran across your blog. U couldnt have said it better. I've dealt with those crazies today. No matter how far u stretch yourself, its never enuff!

    1. Needless to say, I feel your pain. :D Still, the good days make up for the bad. There are some patients that even though they are so sick, they still have the energy to be kind and find the humor in life. I find that I can't do enough for people like that.