I am extremely unhappy with the new postman who's delivering packages (we have a different letter carrier guy).  This is the second time around that he's misdelivered the mail.  Once is forgivable but TWICE in a week!!!! I'm ready to go to the depot he works in and go postal on him (groan! now I'm making horrible puns because of the scuzzbucket).  When I track down our parcels, it says "attemped delivery, note left" blah blah blah.  What note?!  I was home at both times, no one left a note.  No one buzzed.  I was waiting from 1PM till 5PM, THERE WAS NOBODY!!!!  I want our old postman, Wes.  He was good at his job, this new casual they have stinks!  My husband, who coincidentally works at the Post as well, says he'll try to find out who was misdelivering the parcels and try to see what he can do.  He keeps telling me to keep my cool, that it was only his Gundams from HLJ that were being delivered but Gundams only aside, its not right!  Casual or no, the man should do his job properly.  18-- and 17-- are two different addresses, regardless of having the same house number!!!! Arrgghhhh!  And I have a DOLL coming next week!!!



  1. Hi!

    New follower, found you through the DD forum!

    and omg... I hear you on postal delivery. Do you know they once told me it wasn't their job to deliver my packages????? 0_0 That was a huge WTF moment for me and everyone in line.

    Whenever we have a temp, the same thing happens to us, she doesn't even TRY to deliver it, just leaves a slip... that she often marks wrong... she'll mark it as being at the post office, but really, she's left it at the leasing office. AAAARGH!!!!

    I feel your pain!


    1. Our regular postman came back so we did get our parcel, but only after the guy who it was originally delivered to the day before returned it back to the post office. Thank goodness they were honest people. I'm also glad that when my Rise was delivered, it was our regularpostman who delivered her. Whew.