Should or Shouldn't? Shouldn't. Should!

I've been eying this sculpt from Iplehouse for a while and the more I look at him, the more I'm falling in love with his looks.  I'm seriously thinking of getting him but I'm undecided as to what skin color.  The above photo is him in Real skin, but I think Peach Gold would suit him as well.  Then I found this photo of him below:

Disclaimer: I do not own this photo.  All copyright to this belongs to thelyn at who owns this doll and did his wonderful face-up. Click the photo to go to thelyn's website.

Now I want him in White skin but I don't know if his face-up from Iplehouse would give me a similar look.  Why oh why did I have to happen upon Thelyn's Gideon . He is so gorgeous! Now I want a Felix sculpt even more. 

Will someone help me decide what skin color to get him in?  I'm planning on getting him on layaway by October so I can enjoy him by next year.  My hubby is even okay with me getting him, specially since I'll be doing it by layaway. :D  I think he considers it to be a foregone conclusion that I'll be getting a new doll every year. LOL. He's so wonderful (my husband. ;D).

This is all the girl's fault.  Now they have me hooked on Resin boys too.  Nyahhhhh!


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