Holy Cow! How did they get to be this many?!

Quick update on the members of my Dollieh family.  Pictures to come...

Dollfie Dreams at Home

  • Lily - DD Saber Lily
  • Beato - DDDy Beatrice
  • Mari - DD Makinami Illustrious Mari
  • Sooki - DD Asuka Langley
  • Rei - DD Ayanami Rei
  • Eris - DD Airy
  • Reese - DD Rise Fujikawa
  • Millie - DDS Milhiore Biscotti
DDs on the way
  • DD Saber Extra
  • DD Saber Alter
  • DD Sakuya
  • DD Lucy
Resin Boys:
  • Kaylus - Iplehouse SID Barahan
  • Yuu - Visuadoll Yuuto
Incoming Resin Boy
  • ??? - Crobidoll Kyul Limited B Model Body
  • Amelia - Bobobie Mei
  • Cassandra - B & G Old World Katrina Rosyclouds
  • Sen - Souldoll Asen
  • Lucia Luna - DIMdoll Luria
  • Ophelia - Island Doll Amy Royale 2
  • Ash - B & G Old World Saipan Blackrain

Wow.  -- o.O-- I didn't realise there were this many of them (10 SD sized, 6 MSDs and 5 more SDs to come)  and I still have some on my wishlist... like IH Felix in normal skin; my grail DDs like Yuki, Sasara, Escalayer and Rin Tohsaka, woaaaah... I should really stop looking at dollieh websites. ;P


  1. Oooh, I would love to see pics of your Rise!!! I have one coming and I'm playing the waiting game!!

    Who is your favorite? XD

  2. I will. Just haven't had time to do a decent intro on her though. As for favorite, its a toss up between Lily and Mari. Hope your Rise comes soon, can't wait to see pics of her too. :-) Rise has such a pretty face <3