I Quit! I Quit?

 Hi I'm katnaper, its been 5 months since I paid outright for a new dollieh (and 2 days since I started one on a 6 month layaway)...

Recognizing an addiction is, they say, the first part of overcoming it.  Don't ask me who said that, I wouldn't know for sure except I may have gotten the idea from AA. Why am I suddenly spouting out tenets from those guys?  Maybe it because I'm depressed (and the rainy weather isn't helping any). I lost yet another Volks lottery for two dolls I really wanted and now I find myself trolling YJA, Flickr, figure.fm and DD forums to see if anyone is willing to sell their extra dolliehs. Heck, I even went to ebay - arrrgggghhhhh!!!!  What is it with these Limited Editions Dollfies!  They're enough to bring anyone to the brink of bankruptcy if a person isn't careful.  To top it off, since I couldn't find anything within the price range I was willing to pay outright, I am now looking at 'alternatives' i.e. getting another male dollieh to complement my growing brood of girls - picture Iplehouse SID Eric in either Real Skin or Peachy Gold skin who's probably going to be named Akihiko Mamoru and will be paired off with either Beato or Eris.  See he already has a name even!  *pulls hair* I am  in deep trouble.  When did I get so obsessed? All I need right now is someone to tell me to just go buy him ( I will too since I did save up money for the girls I didn't win :C ).

Someone please stop me.

Is this how a junky feels in between 'fixes' I wonder?  Is there no DDA or DA group out there who can pull me out of this madness?




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