No! Not Another One!

There is a certain sense of futility to making a dollieh budget.  Someone always seems to manage to make something that wreaks havoc with a person's resolution to not get another dollieh... grrr... LOL.  I should just unsubscribe from Wolfheinrich's updates on Facebook so I won't have to see these beauties that Azone's releasing this 2012.  I might just go for the Makise Kurisu one since I have DD Saber Lily anyway.  This is just too much for one person to bear, mwehehehe.  To top it off Volks is releasing this new and cute gal as part of its Dollfie Dream girls: Lucy Maria Misora.  Check out Wolfheinrich's Blog to see more pics of this lovely gal. Just look at that face!

Oh, winning lotto ticket.... where are you?! *grin*


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