Upcoming Events???

I just thought I'd post a list of upcoming events that are going to be happening in the next couple of days/months:

January:  The Great Cake Challenge - I'm still wondering if I can pull this off.  Three tiers of the most elaborate cake I have been commissioned to work on EVER!

 February:  Mystery Man and/or A New Princess on the Block - Box opening vids galore for the newest members of my doll family.

March: Stein's Gate Crashers - Makise Kurisu will hopefully join her Nendoroid version, maybe Naruto and Sasuke will crash the party?  Will I have won the lottery by then? <3

That's all for now (at least as far as the first quarter of 2012 goes).  Of course, there will be more blogging (I hope) and more Dollieh picture posting and more cake making.  Maybe my DH will finally make his own Gunpla blog... yeah.


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