Shaider - A Trip Down Memory Lane

A friend of mine posted a picture of Shaider on Facebook and looking at that photo triggered a lot of fond childhood memories and reminded me why I fell in love with Japanese culture and Japanese shows in the first place.  I remember eagerly awaiting new episodes then talking those episodes over with my classmates while we dissected a frog in anatomy class (hey, it was a welcome distraction from the ewww factor that looking at frog innards made).  Drooling about Shaider was a much better past time. LOL.  He reminds me of all that was fun about being a student and having crushes.  Every girl in my class was madly in love with him just as the boys were madly infatuated with Annie, his underwear baring (quite possibly the reason why she was very popular) sidekick.  Now, I'm not being catty or anything.  Don't get me wrong, Annie was okay.  She was cute and many a time was it that I got jealous of her because she got to be close to Dai Sawamura or 'Alexis' - his Filipino name, Shaider's alter ego but I think that they could have given her pants instead.

Anyway, back to Shaider.  I wondered what had happened to the actor who played him and 'googling'  him showed me that he was played by Hiroshi Tsuburaya (1964-2001) and that, yes you read it right, he had passed away at a very young age of 37.  He died of liver cancer. Needless to say, that news saddens me as it reminds me how fleeting life is *snuffles*.  Extremely late as this may be, I am thankful to you Shaider for making my teenage life more colorful and full of adventure.  Thanks for providing a welcome distraction not just from anatomy classes but also from all the troubles of 'teendom'.  You will always be the best "Pulis Pang-Kalawakan" there is.

How about you guys?  Who was your or is your anime or live action show crush?