Puppy Love?

Dog-nabit! Volks has done it again.  Just when I've met my dollfie quota for the year (and believe me I have gone overboard x 3) they come up with this one. 

Volks DDS Millhi (copyright VolksUSA)

 I've added the little blurb VolksUSA has on their site:


The beloved princess, Millhi is here.

From the anime "DOG DAYS," her sweetness accurately portrayed in her debut as a Dollfie Dream Sister- meet Princess "Millhiore F. Biscotti," ruler of the Biscotti Republic!
This smiling, hard-working princess will come home to you♪

Her dress features such beautiful colors.
Not only has the silhouette been faithfully reproduced, but the expression of other details.

Doggy Ears and Tail
Millhi's most distinctive features, her doggy ears and tail, are perfectly reproduced.
You will definitely melt at their sweetness.

War Costume
She comes with her war attire, which she wears when she rides her mount, Harlan!
Even though it is for war, it has a cute color scheme based in white and pink.
The hood is also an attractive feature♪ 

As per VolksUSA, this little dollieh will be available via lottery on December 18th at 11:00am PST until December 21st at 11:00am PST.  

Now, I've never seen the series but there is something about her that is so innocently alluring that I am so sorely tempted to enter the lottery for her.  Considering my rotten luck, I might even win.  What with the two Sabers scheduled for next year, my wallet is going to run away never to be seen again. Mind you I am only a shopaholic when it comes to my hobby, but dagnabit, somedays, I wish it could just have been paper dolls. NOT! LOL.  

So am I entering this one?  I don't know.  Seriously considering selling off my un-played with MSDs and switch to the big dolls just to be able to afford all these Dollfie Dreams. <3



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