Dollfie Dream 101

I know there are already a ton of sites out there that discuss Dollfie Dreams (DDs) and their care and more importantly how to get them.  Blogs of note are by Wolfheinrich Dollfie Dreams for Beginners and Aquilla's All About Dollfie Dreams.  These two have been my main reference when I was first finding out about Dollfie Dreams and the wonderful world of doll ownership (and by this I mean the dolliehs own me!).   Anyway, I wrote this blog in response to a lunatiquedoll's (a fellow ManikaManila member) question regarding Dollfie Dreams.  I realized as I was typing my response that it was going to take up more space than I intended it to (which considering the source is not surprising *grin*). So here goes it (?):

Where Can I Get a Dollfie Dream
In a nutshell though, you can get Dollfie Dreams (DDs) from Volks ( Volks USA or Volks Japan). You can get their basic model DD Yukino or DD Aoi.  Or you can just get any number of DD heads and a separate body and do a custom face up.

Another way, you can also get a DD via their lottery where every so often Volks makes special limited edition DDs and you apply for a chance to purchase a doll. Remember the lottery is only to win the right to purchase, you still have to pay for it.  This is why you need a credit card with enough money to cover purchase and shipping should you win.  I don't know the exact dates these are but I believe they do about four? a year.  You can either enter the USA lottery or the after event lottery in Japan.  Volks Japan has a separate lottery for International buyers and you can participate in their English site.  You can email Volks USA if you didn't win their lottery and they are nice enough to direct you to the Japan Int'l lottery if that's open; that's how I came by Beatrice. You can also go to Japan or the US to attend a Dollpa (Dolls Party).  I've never been to one so I can't help with that, sorry.  As I mentioned the dolls are usually limited editions and there are only so many of them made then volks stops production (unless they do like a version 2 or something) so if you don't win the lottery, you're chance of getting a doll you want gets slimmer.  However, do not lose hope. You can still get the doll of your dreams (although, it might cost an arm or a leg - Ouch!  No Sabersan, I do not regret every hard earned cent I used to adopt you.  You're worth it. I'm just saying the aftermarket can be brutal *mumbles* apparently some Dollfies too.  Wha?  I didn't say anything *slinks away from irate dollieh* Phew!).

As I was saying, you can still get your dream dollieh through several means especially if the DDs you are looking for are older ones like the DDs you're interested in (see also Wolfheinrich's and Aquila's blog).  Mandarake often offer hard to find DDs and sometimes their prices are fairly reasonable considering its aftermarket.  I got my Mari, Rei and Asuka from them. There's also Yahoo Japan Auctions where you can bid on a DD through a proxy and you pay the doll price as well as the fee of the proxy, usually a certain percentage.  Now again, since I've never used them, I can't tell you much about it. Other sites where you can get DDs are Ebay (just search "Dollfie Dreams"), Classifieds or Dollfie World. If you're a member of DoA, I believe that's also a possible venue.  I'm sure there are other sites as well but those are the ones I've had an experience in.  If you're planning on getting just the head then your best bet is ebay or  Mind you though, it can still be pricey.  You could find yourself dropping between $500 to $700 for a head, especially if its for an older doll.  I'm sure if you search though, you can find something more reasonable.  If there is a little bit of staining on the doll, you can probably negotiate the price for a wee bit.  There's a way to get rid of the stains but I'll talk about that later. I think that just about covers the 'Wheres' and 'Hows' of DD ownership.

Wait!  I've Only Had Obitsu's; Is there a Difference Between a DD and  an Obitsu Body?
Oops, *smacks self upside the head* I guess I should have covered this first.  Oh well.  Now, having never owned an Obitsu body I can't tell you much about how they are different from the DD body in terms of 'feel' and 'poseability'.  I can only go by what others before mentioned and what I see. This photo comparison from K2 DollFanatic can give you an idea of how the bodies fit together in a hybrid.  While Mitsuki's Dollfie Dream internal frame structure and Dimensions gives an excellent picture of what the DD looks like internally. I know that Obistu owners love the poseability of their dolls and that it probably beats the DD hands down in this department but I, for one, really love the shape of the DD body.  Looking at photographs of both, I find the DD to be softer looking, more curvy and feminine looking than the Obitsu body but that's probably just me.

If we're going to talk about heads though, that I can tell you more about since I have several anime style Obitsu heads and a Gretel head as well as some DD heads.  I find that the Anime style obitsu head is rather small for the DD body.  I tried putting them on a DD body and this is what I came up with:

Gretel Head on DDII Body
Anime Style Obitsu Head on DDII Body

As you can see, my girl on the right looks like she has a longer neck.  While my Gretel Head seems to be a better fit.  By the way, they are both on my girl Mari's body so you can (I  hope) see what I'm talking about.

I'll try to post side by side photos of the blank Obitsu and DD heads as soon as I'm able to so as to give you a better idea how they look.

Okay, So I've Got a Dollfie Dream, What Now?

After spending all that hard earned cash in acquiring (some say, adopting) your new girl, you might ask "Well, how the heck do I keep her in pristine condition then?"  The answer is simple.  Keep her in the box! hehehe. *Ouch! Saber! That hurt! - rubs head after being hit by Saber Lily's sword*

Seriously though, if you're getting a DD as an investment, then the best thing for you to do is check out that she's all there then put her back in her box so she won't get dusty or stained from her clothes.  In which case that's the end of the story (at least until she creeps out at night and hits you with the box till you play with her *creepy music playing and evil laugh in background*).  If you're like the rest of us, you'll want to dress your girl up, pose her in different outfits, take her out to the park where some people will look at you like you're outta this world for playing with a doll at your age or they get interested and ask you where you got said dollieh and how much, at which point you tell them and their jaws drop and they faint or they look at you even more weirdly for spending that much dough on said dollieh.  At this point, its not a good time to tell them that the doll actually owns you and you're there for their own convenience... "Hello? 911?  There's an escapee from the Psych Ward loose in the park... ahhhhh...."  Okay, seriously serious now.  Be prepared for some looks, some smiles, some shaking heads, etc.  For the most part though, people are fascinated by the dolliehs so they'll ask a lot of curious questions and this is the time to enlighten them and who knows maybe you'll enable some of them to get a DD of their own. 

Every DD owner knows that the number one enemy of a DD (or any vinyl doll like the Obitsu) is the dreaded STAIN.  If you like dressing up your dollieh especially in Goth clothes, you will, even after carefully preparing the dark clothes or wearing an anti-stain body suit your DD can still get stains on her.  Its a fact of life for a DD owner.  Like I said, if you don't want this to happen then keep her in her box.  However, if you're like the rest of us you're going to want to get rid of the stain and Just Magic Dolls shows us how to do it.  As mentioned you can get a product called Remove-Zit or some 10% benzoil peroxide (not sure if PanOxyl has this strength) to put on the stain.  If its a light stain, then you can try the good old Magic Eraser to see if that gets rid of it.  Before I forget though, you can also get Remove-Zit from Dollspart Supplies   .  They have an excellent line-up of doll cleaning supplies and I believe they ship internationally too.

Okay, I think I've covered quite a bit for now.  Aquila's and Wolfheinrich would have given you more info on other things as well.  I hope my little blog helped you a bit. If you have any questions feel free to ask here or at the ManikaManila site and I'll try to help as best as I can.  I have to make New Year's Eve Dinner or else I won't have anything to bring to the potluck supper tonight.  

Happy New Year!

PS.  Welcome to the world of Dollfie Dreams!


  1. Nice Summary. :3 I also pretty much got most of my DD info from @Aquilla429.

  2. Thanks. Aquilla429's blog pretty much has all the info one needs to know about DDs. :-D