I was finally able to get my resin casting kit but the trouble is that there hasn't been anytime to do all the things I needed to do to make Claire's armor. >"."<  One of the girls decided to go cosplaying anyways and despite the lack of a katana, Mari decided that she'll surprise me with a Sayo Otonashi (Blood+) cosplay. 

Mari cosplaying as Sayo Otonashi from Blood+

Mari:  How do you like it?
Me: *Touched* Waaaaa!!!
Mari: Geez, enough with the floodworks already.
Me:  *Hiccups* Can't help it.  I really wanted an RAH Sayo figure and now you just gave me an even better one.  Can I keep you?
Mari:  Waaa!!! *tries to run away*


Asuka: Ha!  Don't worry.  I won't let her getaway!
Me:  Thanks Sooki-san.
Asuka:  No prob.  It would help if you got us a boy dollieh to cosplay as Haji you know. Maybe that Iplehouse Barahan or DOD Code No. 2 or both... nyehehe...
Me:  Buy me a winning lotto ticket?


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