Cake Files #3

Okay so this isn't exactly in chronological order but I figure, since I'm blogging away here, that I'd write about one other thing I like doing which is making *drumroll please* - Cakes.  I know, I've posted these cakes on Facebook and all other places but I thought, I'm blogging about stuff I like so might as well (this is my euphemism for "I'm too darned lazy to write anything new).

First Wedding Cake

I made this cake for a a couple I know. It was done a week before the wedding and it was the week after I had just finished my daughter's Dora cake. The groom asked me if I could make them a fondant cake since they were told that a 2 tier buttercream would cost $280.00 and that the fondant would cost more than that and they were on a rather tight budget and schedule. Since I more or less knew them (we both worked in the same field) and I'm kinda' a sucker for romantic stuff, I agreed to make them a three tiered one for a little less than the buttercream one. ( Hey, it was my first wedding cake). Originally they were going to put fresh flowers on top and I wasn't going to make the roses (it was discussed that the price I quoted was sans the roses, also, I never made them before) but I had some extra red gumpaste, I figured what the heck, its good practice and they can take it or not (it was free - my gift to them since I knew them. It was also good PR :D). Good thing, they took it with the roses (whew - I needed the petals to cover some "booboos"). I know it is a little off to the side but they said it was okay (I'll do better, next cake, I hope). The cake is alternating tiers of chocolate and butterscotch caramel with Chocolate butter cream and MMF. It was the first time I used MMF and all I can say is that it definitely tastes so much better than the commercial one I usually use. The flowers are gumpaste as I had mentioned.

 After a year comes the Baby Shower

A simple round cake for the same couple when they found out that they were expecting.  I don't quite remember what flavor this was but everything on this cake was edible and they said they liked it a lot. ;D

More Wedding Cakes

Here are a couple more cakes I've made for weddings and baby showers.  All my cakes are covered in fondant and have a buttercream frosting in it.

More Baby Shower Cakes


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