The First Steps...

Being a fan and collector of Dollfie Dreams, one can't help but wish Volks would come up with DDs based on new characters.  One can only hope that they purchase new license to make some of the dolliehs on my wish list but I know that that is either going to take years or its not going to happen at all.  Since my dear husband is into model making, he volunteered to try his hand at making a set of armor for a DD we both would like to see in Volks line-up.  Having scoured the internet for a resin making kit, I finally found this:
Silicone Pourable Starter Kit:
- Trial Kit OOMOO Silicone Mold Rubber
- Trial Kit Smooth Cast 300 Urethane Resin
- 2oz. Superseal & 2oz. Ease Release 205
- How-to Booklet
- How-to DVD
- Quick Start guide
I finally found an online company in Canada that supplies this kit.  For some reason won't ship it to Canada and the other supply company I found was based in the States but was willing to ship to Canada had shipping fees that gave me a nosebleed just thinking about.  So, anyway, I when I found Ontario based Sculpture Supply Canada  I was quite happy to put in an order with them and, No, their shipping prices did not give me a nosebleed ;P  Anyway, I hope my kit comes soon as hubby's itching to work on this armor:

Disclaimer: I do not own these pictures.  The figure is copyrighted by Megahouse and all the photos belong to Moemoe Rabu
I already have the wig (I just need to style it) and the body suit but while I'm waiting for a DD body and head, one of the girls can cosplay the  outfit.  Hopefully we will be able to do it somehow. *fingers crossed*  * >_< * Its an ambitious project I know.  Fun times!


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