Dollfie Custom Wishlist

I've been wanting some anime characters turned into Dollfies that Volks will quite likely never make and I've compiled a small list of which one's I'd like to see as a DDs. Here we go (and this is not in order of preference - I just wrote down whoever I'd thought of first):

1. Witchblade - I would love nothing more than to see Masane Amaha in her Witchblade form as a Dollfie Dream Dynamite. I think she'd be just awesome but that's just my opinion.
2. Claire from Claymore - That armor! That sword! *weee*
3. Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile - Now she would be a match for Saber.
4. Leina Vance from Queen's Blade - again just because of the armor ;P
5. Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight -(with both day class and night class optional uniforms) just because I love her uniform and staff
6. Maxima Enfield - that costume is to die for! Currently have her on layaway
7. Sylvia de Alisia from Genesis of Aquarion - just because I happen to like how she looks.
8. Kosmos from Xenosaga - need I say more?!
9. Makise Kurisu from Stein's Gate - okay so she's pretty simple too but I just like how she looks hey.
10. Black Rock Shooter - she just needs to be made period. LOL.
11. Saya Otonashi from Blood+ - okay so she's simple enough to do but I still love her sword! Done! Okay so I didn't have the sword, but still Mari's cosplay was awesome!

Maybe someday if I'm skilled enough, I'd be able to make a custom version of the really simple ones (I wish!) but for now I can only wait for Volks and cross my fingers that I can win the lottery if there is a Dollfie I like.


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