Getting back on track...

Again its been a while and life is pretty much the same. Rather busy and all that (that's my excuse at least ;P). The past couple of months have brought quite a few additions to the family (a.k.a. the dolls - there are now 10 of them!!!) because a few of my layaways and some recent purchases had come home to take over the basement rec room/hobby room. To top it off my dear husband has decided to get back into his hobby and we now have Gundam's galore joining the dolliehs. I'll be posting some pictures of the new hobby room (his) and the displays (ours). Both areas still need quite a bit of work (like shelves that need repainting and purchasing glass doors for the ikea display case) but as with everything, they all take time and money so we do it one day at a time.

Just like this blog, life and general laziness has a way of creeping up on one.

Till the next write up.


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