More Cake Files

Here's the latest in my cake adventures. I have to say, I had fun making this cake. Even my husband thought it was so cute.

Noah's Ark

This is all cake with the actual cake being chocolate marble with a raspberry buttercream filling and vanilla swiss meringue buttercream frosting. The figures are all fondant. The ark itself is cake. My only regret is that the couple I made the cakefor (it was for a christening) apparently thought the cake was too pretty to eat so it went home with them. Sigh. I hope they do eat it eventually because that was what it was for!

Enter the 'King'

Now this one was also fun. A friend was having a surprise bridal shower for a co-worker and they wanted a naughty cake that wasn't too raunchy - enter 'Pelvis'! He is made out of granola bars (I ran out of Rice Krispie Treats) covered in gumpaste and the cake is fondant covered chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. Everyone had a good laugh at the 'King'.

British Surprise!

My husband was bragging about my cake making skills at his new job and he ended up with a cake order for his mentor's baby shower. Now, not only was the fine gentleman British, he was also into theater. I can only conclude that was why he wanted 'damask' and 'royal colors' (the bottom tier is actually purple - I used my phone's camera so the colors are rather blah) for his twin girl's cake.

Now, I don't mind my husband talking about my cakes (he's quite proud of my 'cake designing skills' as he put it) but this was the first time he's actually booked an order for me. I usually just make cakes for friends and take an occasional 'order' for a friend's friend (usually people I'm at least acquainted with). I believe this is the last time my husband is ever going to 'book' an order for me. LOL.

The cake itself wasn't the issue. It was the whole process of making it. First off was the damask stencils I needed wouldn't come on time so I had to the client if he was okay with the ones I had. Initially the cake was supposed to be offset but when I already had the cake iced, the filling kept leaking out and I had to re-do it, so another call and another change (he was such a nice man, I felt so bad with all the changes) and lastly, when I finally had it covered in fondant - the fondant kept cracking! Huge ugly cracks! I had to take all the fondant out, re-ice the cake and re-do the fondant cover again. All the while I was ready to have a breakdown, was running on fumes (had to work that night and was awake nearly 26 hours) and was snippy as can be. No, 'divorce' wasn't looming in the air but it was a tense few days. Needless to say, the cake got done - it had pink vanilla sponge on the bottom tier with raspberry jam filling and the top tier was chocolate cherry cake with vanilla buttercream filling and frosting - I didn't get divorced and my husband has made a solemn oath never to take cake orders from anybody ever again. LOL.


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