Cake Files

Okay, I'm slipping. Haven't exactly been blogging as much as I said I would. Haha. Reminds me of my New Year's resolutions. Anywho... I am remedying that by posting this compilation of my cake projects since I started way back when in 2009. Hopefully, you can see some improvement.

I'm starting off with my second cake since I lost photos of the very first one I made (it was a pink Elmo cake). This is a fondant covered cake I made for our Christmas party. Its a 'box' cake - meaning cake mix - vanilla flavored if I recall and covered in swiss meringue butter cream and Wilton fondant I got at our local Michaels. Needless to say, my 'sculpting' skills leave a lot to be desired. I had fun making it (I always do with cakes - well, most of the time ;P).

Now this next one isn't necessarily the third cake I ever made but it was the first one I ever got paid for. Yep, someone actually asked me to whip up a cake for them and paid me for the privilege. Whoopee! Seriously though, I was so scared. It was for a co-worker's daughter's 16th birthday and she wanted something topsy-turvy with rainbow colored sponge cake on the inside. Thank goodness for THE INTERNET.

Well, I'll hold off for now and just post those two since I'm in the middle of another cake and was just taking a well-deserved break. More on my cake adventures on future posts.


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