Dolly Madness

Okay, so I still don't post often enough... Anyway, here's one of the reason's why.

I've been practicing doing a face-up on a doll's head I bought from Junkyspot. I'd specifically bought the head to try my hand at doing a face-up and so far I'm kinda happy with my work. I think I'll be buying more heads in the future and try to do other 'looks'. (I know sounds like an excuse to just get more dolliehs - 'Oh poor head, she needs a body... wha... what! I already have 20 of them?' LOL.

She's not fully done since I have to put in eyelashes and retouch her lips since it seems I'm missing a small spot on the left corner lip. Then I have to figure out what wig to give her (we borrowed Amelia's wig for now). We'll see. My next face-up will be on an Obitsu anime style head... hope to show that soon.


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